• Inferno is a new pepper canister weapon from Cold Steel that will turn the biggest, meanest, most violent criminal into helpless molten wax at your feet.

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  • Crime Halter pepper spray unit with the black hard shell injection molded case. Includes a belt clip and a keyring. Also featured is a safety top. Perfect to keep with your keys. Has a pocket clip so you can have your hands free when taking a walk or jog. 

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  • The TASER X26C Electronic Control Device (ECD), is based on our law enforcement-grade TASER X26 personal defense products, and gives you the same unprecedented take-down power trusted by thousands of police officers every day.

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  • Field proven with 10+ years of use by global law enforcement, the M26c is a full form personal protection device delivering 5 seconds of effect, putting control of the situation back in your hands. The size and design is preferred by those desiring a feel closer to a small firearm, but the effect is TASER's patented incapacitating pulse.

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  • Our mini flashlight stun gun combines the safety of a rechargeable tactical flashlight with the security of a high powered stun gun. For those that don’t need all the advantages that Streetwise brand offers this lower priced generic model could be a great addition to your product line. Features: Powerful Stun Gun Rechargeable Bright LED Flashlight Safety...

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